Chatham House Rules

As the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”. Unfortunately for those that were not able to attend this year’s International Executive Protection and Secure Transportation Conference, specific details about the event will remain under Chatham House Rules.

What I will say about it is that it was an extraordinary networking and educational experience. The speakers presented well thought out, pertinent and, in some cases, eye opening information. From international  threats to trends in the expanding role of corporate executive protection, the conference provided exceptional insight into a changing domestic and international environment.

Unlike educational lectures, the purpose of the conference was collaboration. As such the attendees talked at length about their personal experiences and tactics and offered up suggestions on how to improve operations.

There was an impressive array of professionals in attendance from heads of security for major corporations to representatives of the healthcare and commercial drone industries. The international community was well represented as well with professionals in attendance who span the globe. From North America to Europe, Australia to Israel, nearly every operational region was represented and the networking opportunities endless.

Next year, the conference will be in Florida and I encourage any professional within the security, loss prevention and protection industries to attend, if for no other reason than the presentations by selected speakers were well prepared, informative and relevant.


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